Minx Nails



Get Minxed...Extend fashion to your finger tips and toe nails!

Minx NailsMinx is a unique and revolutionary Nail Art Overlay with an adhesive backing that is heat activated and does no damage to the natural nail surface.


For those of you who want to be at the height of fashion or want something for a special occasion, you will love getting Minxed! Minx requires no drying time and that means no smudges or chips....pretty toes and fingers without the stress!


Minx nails are the latest must have fashion accessory for the celebs, being worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce to name but a few.



Due to the popular demand of Minx Nails and the number of designs available, we are unable to stock all designs. However, if there is a specific design you desire we will order them in for you. Just pop in to the salon and take a look at the Minx brochure.


Minx Nails £30.00